How to Repair Canon Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10

canon printer offline windows 10

You would be aware of the Why is My Canon Printer Offline and online states if you had been using them for work. One of the most popular printer companies, Canon occasionally experiences the problem where the printer seems offline in Windows 10 even though it is also active. With the use of numerous techniques, this article will assist you in resolving this issue.

 Solved Canon Printer Not Responding Issue On Windows 10

✅ Canon printer not printing windows 10

Before applying any solutions check and make sure the canon printer turned on and in a ready status.

1 Canon Printer Not Printing Issues windows 101.1 Check all the printer connections1.2 Run the Printer Troubleshooter1.3 Restart print spooler service1.4 Check printer is properly configured1.5 Update the Printer Driver

✅ Check all the printer connections

If you have a local printer installed. So connect the USB cable properly or try to connect it to another USB port. Also, do an experiment with some other cable .and see if there is any problem with the cable you are using. If you have a network printer, check network connections, include network devices such as routers or modems. Check the Printer’s Network Connection Status If your printer is properly connected to the network.

✅ Run the Printer Troubleshooting

Run the build-in printer Troubleshooting that helps automatically detect and fix the problems causing the canon printer not responding on Windows 10.

Press Windows key + s type troubleshoot then select troubleshoot settings, Click on the additional Troubleshooting link, Now scroll down to locate and select printer then click run the Troubleshooting, Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Canon Printer Troubleshooting. once done reboot your PC and check if the printer function normally.

✅ Restart print spooler service

Print spooler service plays an important role to complete print jobs on your computer. It manages all the tasks related to printing on your PC, and something wrong with the print spooler result printer not printing or not responding.  Start or restart the print spooler is effective solution you must apply to fix the issue on windows 10.

Press Windows key + R type services.msc and click ok,This will open the windows service console, scroll down to locate print spooler service, right-click on it select restart.If the service not started, right-click on print spooler service select properties,Change startup type automatic and start the service next to service status. Click apply and okNow check if the printer can respond normally.

✅ Check printer is properly configured

Chances are your printer is not printing. Because it is not configured for the correct printer port. Or the printer repeatedly goes into an unresponsive state when sending print jobs.

Open Control Panel, then go to Devices and Printers and locate the unresponsive or not printing printer. Right-click on it and choose Set as default printer. Right-click the printer again, choose Properties, then go to the Ports tab. Now make sure the proper port is selected.After doing that, click Apply and OK to save changes

Now, you can check if the printer not responding Canon issue is fixed successfully.

✅ Update the Printer Driver

There is a risk that an old, incompatible printer driver is to blame for the printer’s malfunction or failure to print papers. Reinstall the printer driver following the steps below that probably help resolve the printer problems on windows 10.

Press Windows key + R, type appwiz.cpl and click ok this will open programs and features window, and display all installed programs list on your computer, Locate canon printer from there, right-click then select uninstall,Follow on screen instructions to completely remove the printer from your device and reboot windows. Next, visit the canon official site to download the latest printer driver for your Canon printer and install it.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

Initially, look for a simple connection issue that can cause Windows 10 and 11 to display “Canon printer offline” status. Hence, make sure your printer is receiving electricity properly and is linked to the computer via a Wireless Printer Setup network or a USB cord.

Easy Steps For Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

✔️ Quick fix 1: Check power Supply

Check to see if there is a power supply issue before moving on to any other processes.

✔️Quick fix 2: Use Canon Printer Software

So, install the proper and updated Canon printer software in your system.

✔️ Quick fix 3: Manually Set The Printer Online

In that case, open the Control Panel and go to the Device Manager. Then find the Printer option and double-click on it. From there you can turn on the online Mode of the Canon printer.

✔️ Quick fix 4: Use Troubleshooting Tools

The Troubleshooting tool will be a good solution if the issue is with the Windows printer system because it will automatically fix those problems.

✔️ Quick fix 5: Update Printer Driver

Hence, update the printer driver as soon as possible


In conclusion, the canon printer offline windows 10 can be a frustrating issue to deal with, but with a little bit of troubleshooting, it’s often possible to fix it. Whether you try replacing the faulty cartridge, resetting the printer, updating the firmware, or seeking professional help, there are a variety of methods available to help you resolve this canon printer offline windows 10 and get your printer back up and running. And, to know more about any information or details, connect with the printer error us agent

How to Repair Canon Printer Offline Issue in Windows 10

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