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Epson Printer Not Printing

You just replaced the ink cartridges in your Epson printer and are still not printing? One of the most frustrating of many printer problems is when you find that your Epson printer won’t print after replacing the ink. There is no standard for this problem. After the ink cartridge is replaced, many things can prevent the printer from printing. To prevent your printer from failing after replacing the ink cartridge, you must ensure that the ink cartridge is placed in the correct position in the print head. If not, reinstall the ink cartridge and push it straight into the hole. Read on to learn more about how to operate your Epson printer after changing the ink.

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Fix Epson Printer Does Not Print After Replacing Ink

Use these precautions to keep your printer working properly after replacing the ink.

1. Reinstall the ink cartridge correctly

Is there a problem after replacing the printer ink cartridge?
Use these tips to get rid of this problem.
• The printhead should be in the position to replace the ink cartridge.
• Make sure the bag is in the cutout in the box.
• Now unplug and reinstall the printer.
• Make sure you are pushing properly and accurately in the right direction.
• Now perform the ink cartridge installation.
• Insert the ink cartridge into the slot until it clicks into place.
• Now insert the scanner into the printer.
• Finally click the “Stop” button.
• This causes the print head to move to its home position.
• The printer will start charging ink.
• This process takes approximately two minutes.
• When you see the Power light steady and on, the ink charge is complete.

2. Transparent dry ink

Another reason for the Epson printer not printing after changing ink is because the ink is dry.
• After the program is finished, issue the print command.
• Now see if you can print properly.

3. Remove Tape Clogged Head

Most cartridges have a tape on the top of the printer. This is the protective tape that users must remove to use their printer. If you don’t remove it, you’ll notice that the Epson printer doesn’t print even after replacing the ink. Ink will not leak when the cartridge is loaded, as this tap clogs the nozzle. However, if you do not delete it, you cannot print. The color of the protective tape varies depending on the printer model. Locate and remove the nose of the cartridge.

Note: Do not accidentally remove the sticker or label on the Epson printer, otherwise the ink cartridge will not be recognized. If you remove them the ink dries quickly.

4. Use Epson Certified Ink Cartridges

If the cartridges you are using are not Epson, they may not be compatible with your printer model. Lots of people buy aftermarket prints rather than real ones. Buying genuine cartridges from is easy. Epson also recommends that you do not reprocess actual prints after using them. This can affect print quality and cause serious damage to the printer.

5. Resetting the Printer’s Ink Pad Counters

Resetting the ink cartridge counters will return them to their original state. The counter must be reset when the rack is replaced or cleaned. This method applies to Epson L355, L350, L300, L130, L210, L110 models.
• Download the free WIC resume template.
• Extract the files.
• Then double-click the extracted file to run it.
• On the Epson Tuning Program screen, click Select to select your Epson printer model.
• Select your printer model in the new window and click OK.
• Now click the “Private mode” button.
• Select Ink Pad Counter in the options list and press OK.
• Select the ‘Main Pad Counter’ checkbox on the new screen.
• Press the “Check” button to check the current value of the counter.
• Now click the “Initialize” button to reset the counters to their original values.

6. Resetting the Epson Printer

Resetting the printer can help solve many problems.
Therefore, if you find that your Epson printer not printing after changing ink, resetting the printer would be a good solution.
• Turn off your printer.
• Now take an object with a tip, such as a paper clip.
• Use to hold down the Reset button on the back of the printer.
• While holding this item button, turn on your printer.
• However, do not release the Reset button when the printer is turned on.
• The notification will be displayed after five minutes.
• You can now release the printer’s reset button.
• Wait another five minutes for another page to print.
• This message will show the factory reset IP address of the printer.

7. Clean Dirty Printheads

If the printheads are dirty, it will prevent the printer from producing the desired output. Sometimes they prevent the printer from printing even when the printer is full. Following are the steps to clean the print head.
• Start Control Panel on your computer.
• Now click on “Hardware and Sound”.
• Next, click the devices and printers tab.
• Find your Epson printer.
• Now select Printing Preferences.
• Click “Print Head Cleaning”.
• Wait for a while until the cleaning head starts.
• A test order was placed after the print head was cleaned.
• Your printer should respond to it.

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Causes of Epson Printer Not Printing Issue

There could be several causes of Epson printer not printing issue. Some of the common reasons are:

  1. Connectivity issues: The printer may not be properly connected to the computer or there could be a problem with the network connection.
  2. Outdated or corrupted printer drivers: If the printer drivers are outdated or corrupted, the printer may not function properly.
  3. Low ink levels or clogged printhead: If the ink levels are low or the printhead is clogged, the printer may not print properly.
  4. Paper jams: If there is a paper jam in the printer, it may prevent the printer from printing.
  5. Incorrect printer settings: If the printer settings are incorrect, the printer may not print.
  6. Hardware issues: There could be a hardware issue with the printer that is preventing it from functioning properly.

To fix the issue, try some of the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure that the printer is properly connected to the computer or network.
  2. Check for and install any available software updates or patches for the printer drivers.
  3. Replace or refill the ink cartridges and clean the printhead.
  4. Clear any paper jams and ensure that the paper is properly loaded in the printer.
  5. Check and adjust the printer settings to ensure that they are correct.
  6. If none of the above steps work, try contacting Epson support for further assistance or consider seeking professional help.

Final Words

Ink cartridge alignment problems, dry ink and dirty printheads are the main reason Epson fails to print after an ink change. So you can fix these problems and let your printer do its job. If you need further assistance with this issue, please contact the printer specialist.

Solved: Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing ink – Expert Tips

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