Why HP Printer Is In An Error State Easy Solution to Fix

Hp Printer In Error State

HP printers are essential devices that allow us to produce high-quality prints for both personal and professional use. However, like any other piece of technology, they can sometimes encounter HP printer error codes that disrupt their normal functioning. One of the most common and frustrating issues that users may encounter is the “Hp Printer in Error State.”

These days, a printer is an important part of professional, commercial, and personal life. More or less you print from one page to many every day. Sometimes it is used to print documents or sometimes it is used to scan important documents. Since online classes and work from home started, the need has risen abruptly. Now, in such a situation, if it stops working, well, you just feel out of resources. Isn’t it?

However, every technical problem has several solutions. The best thing about technology is its reach. While you face issues you also get to find solutions in no time.

What does the Error state in HP Printer Mean?

HP printers are quite popular for regular updates and printing performance. However, electronic devices are meant to cause trouble. This error state is one of the most common HP printer errors that occur in printers.

Lately, the error “HP printer is in an error state” appears after its latest update. Users are facing the issue mainly in Windows 10.

Nonetheless, before you jump to a conclusion, it is always recommended to go through the problem. You may find what causes your HP printer to be in an error state.


  • Your printer is jammed.
  • The ink level has gone down.
  • The printer is not connected properly.
  • The internet is not working properly.
  • Your printer’s cords are either damaged or disconnected or loosely connected.
  • The printer drivers or the windows are not updated.


  • Your HP printer is in error state.
  • Printer operations are not performing correctly.
  • The printer stops suddenly.
  • Your system freezes unexpectedly.

✅ How Should I Fix It When My HP Printer is in Error State?

You can fix the HP Printer in error state windows 10. The methods are not very technical and you don’t need to worry. Just by reading the methods properly, you can perform the printer troubleshooting steps.

First, you should check a few settings. There are some preliminary points you should consider before moving to fix the issue.

  • Check all the cord connections, make sure they are properly connected.
  • Check the power supply source, make sure it works fine.
  • If there is a paper jam, remove it or it will keep popping an error.
  • Ensure proper internet connection.
  • Refill the ink if it is empty.

 Methods To Resolve HP Printer In Error State

Although there are several methods to resolve the issue you should always follow the basic ritual. These basic rituals are nothing but a few troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue in many cases.

✔️ 1: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  • Restart your printer.
  • Restart your system.
  • Check for updates to both the printer drivers and system update.
  • Check all the candles if connected properly.
  • Check wi-fi connection. Turn off and on and try again.
  • also, check there is no obstacle between the wifi connection and the printer. Eliminate if present any.
  • Check if your antivirus is activated. If it’s active set it to active mode.

These are the basic steps that usually help. However, if the error still appears, you can follow the methods mentioned below.

✔️2: Check If Your Printer Is Online

More often, the printer is in an offline state, which causes an error. You can check and set it to online if the printer is in an offline state.

  • Head to the control panel.
  • Select Device and Printer or search via the search bar directly.
  • Select the printer.
  • If your printer is in an offline state, right-click on it.
  • Click on use printer online.
  • As it gets online, a message Ready will be shown.

If this doesn’t work, you should follow the next method.

✔️ 3: Run Troubleshooter

You may not know the problem and therefore you can run the troubleshooter and find it.

  • Head to the search bar.
  • Search troubleshooting settings.
  • On the windows, a search will appear, search for printers & scanners.
  • Click on troubleshoot your printer.

While it will troubleshoot the printer, you can wait. If it has shown an issue you can resolve it accordingly. In case it doesn’t show anything, move to the next method.

✔️ 4: Change Ports Settings

  • Press Window+R keys together to run the dialog box.
  • Now enter devmgmt.msc and click ok.
  • A device manager will pop up.
  • Click on view and select show hidden devices.
  • Right click on Ports (COM & LPT) >> Properties.
  • Select Port settings >> Use any interrupt assigned to the port.
  • Check the box next and  Enable legacy Plug and Play detection >> OK.
  • Restart your computer.

✔️ 5: To Reinstall the Printer Drivers, Follow These Steps:

  • Open the control panel and select Devices and Printers.
  • Click on remove devices.
  • Restart the printer.
  • wait for your PC to detect the printer and install it automatically.

✔️ 6: Set The Print Spooler Service To Automatic

  • Press Window+R keys together to run the dialog box.
  • Now enter services.msc and click ok.
  • Search for the print spooler and double click on it and make sure it starts.
  • Right-click on the print spooler and then select properties.
  • In the general section >> startup type >> automatic >> apply >> ok.
  • Close the service window to restart your computer.

It should have eliminated the error. Hover, it still occurs, you should move to the next method.

✔️ 7: Update Windows

  • Head to start and open settings.
  • Select update and security.
  • Click on window updates.
  • Click check for updates.
  • If updates are available, download and update your system.

✔️ 8: Clear Spooler Files

If none of the above is working and your HP printer is in error state, try this method. Sometimes it helps to eliminate the issue.

  • Press Window+R keys together to run the dialog box.
  • Now enter services.msc and click ok.
  • Search for print spooler and double click on it
  • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers.
  • Remove all data inside the printer folder.
  • Again open the following path C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\w32x86 and
  • Remove all data inside the folder.
  • Restart your computer and check if the printer is not showing an error.


By following the steps mentioned in this guide, you can troubleshoot the “HP Printer In Error State” issue and resume your printing tasks without any hassle. Remember to check hardware connections, update drivers, clear the print spooler, reset printer settings, and run the Windows troubleshooter.  In case of persisting issues, technicians are always ready to assist you. You can contact us 24/7 across the world.


  1. How can I resolve the “Hp Printer In Error State” issue?

    • To resolve the error state problem, ensure all hardware connections are secure, update printer drivers, clear the print spooler, reset printer settings, and run the Windows troubleshooter.
  2. Why does my printer display the “Hp Printer In Error State” message?

    • The “Hp Printer In Error State” message can be triggered by various factors, including hardware problems, outdated drivers, paper jams, or communication errors.
  3. Should I check for paper jams if my printer displays an error state?

    • Yes, paper jams are a common cause of printer errors. Check for and clear any paper jams to resolve the issue.
  4. Can disabling antivirus software fix the error state problem?

    • Sometimes, antivirus software can interfere with printer functioning. Temporarily disabling the antivirus may help resolve the issue.
  5. What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps work?

    • If none of the troubleshooting steps work, consider reinstalling the Hp Printer software or contacting Hp’s customer support for expert assistance.


Why HP Printer Is In An Error State Easy Solution to Fix
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