Canon Printer Offline

Why is My Canon Printer Offline and How to Get It Back Online

Printing is a versatile task that has seen itself grow with every age group for a wide range of work. Whether it be a school student who has to submit their homework or a corporate manager who has a report to submit, printing does have a role to play in it. And in this blog, we will cover a spoilsport that is the canon printer offline error.

It is pretty obvious that the printing industry has seen some big players over the years who create top notch printing devices which offer ace printing quality and convenience. One such brand is Canon.

USPs of Canon Printers –

  • Crystal clear quality of printouts
  • Quick resolution of tickets raised for issues
  • Easy maintenance of complex machines
  • Versatile functioning for tasks of all scales
  • Minimal errors while regular functioning

Canon has an array of printing machines which are fit for all budgets, and each one of them does not fail to impress. However, even after the highest level of production and software development, few anomalies might occur.

In this blog, we will be covering the various fixes that can be practised when the canon printer is offline. This is one error, occurrence of which is pretty common, and has easy printer troubleshooting. Let’s get started with the resolution.

Causes of Why the Canon Printer Says Offline:

1 “Use Printer Offline” Feature is Enabled for the Particular Canon Printer

It is possible that the option “Use Printer Offline” is marked. This is a feature which can be useful at times, but alas forgetting to turn it off might lead to the occurrence of the offline error of the printer. Though, you need not worry since this issue can be resolved simply.

To resolve this error, you need to hit the Start Button, then go to, or search for the option Control Panel. Once you click it, look for the Devices and Printers option, then right click on the printer which is bothered by the Canon printer offline issue, and unmark the “Use Printer Offline” option.

2. Printer Drivers Getting Outdated

The drivers play a huge role in the smooth operation of the printer. They need to be updated and remain functional for the printer to operate. It frequently happens that we forget to update these drivers. If the drivers are outdated, then the Canon printer offline error might start to show. To resolve this issue you need visit the Control Panel and uninstall the printer drivers. Once done, you need to restart the system and then download the drivers from the official website, install them, and then restart your system once again.

3. Leakage in Connections, or Uneven Power Supply

When your Canon printer is offline, you should cross check all the connections of the printer and your system. If it uses wired connectivity, check for any leakage, faulty wires, and ports. Also check whether the socket to which the printer is connected from has a healthy supply of power. If you use a printer with Wireless Printer Setup functionality, then restart both the devices and re-establish the connection.

4. Restart Your Printer, and System

This is the safest solution of the majority of errors, and if it works then there is nothing more convenient. This resolves the majority of the errors of the printer and the system. However, please avoid forcefully restarting your system as it may corrupt the files or hinder a job. Safely restart the system and your printer, and wait till it resumes functioning fully. Also, ensure that you save all your progress before you hit restart.

5. Hindered Paper Jam

When you’re using the same printer for a long time, jams could start to occur in the functional region of the printer. Reasons for it can be the existence of blocked sheets, or bits of paper. There is no way to nullify its occurrence, but thankfully the solution to this is pretty simple. All you have to do is disassemble the printer and clean it properly to get it serviced to play a safe game. Once the jamming papers are ousted, the issue would be resolved.

6. Complete any Pending Updates

A pending Windows update might come in the way of a lot of regular functions of the system, which includes the Canon printer offline issue. The pending update prevents the smooth execution of commands of the printer driver software, so we will recommend that if you have any pending update, please finish it and restart the system to ensure a smooth functioning.

7. Issue with the Spooler

This error might occur if the spooler service is being hindered. To resolve this issue, click on Start > Run, it can also be searched by clicking on the search (magnifying glass) button. When the Run dialog box appears, type “services.msc” and then hit the OK button.

In the next window that opens, go to the Print Spooler option and check whether the status is shown as Running or Stopped. If it displays Stopped, then right click on it and click the “Start” option to resume the service.

8. Overlong Queue of Tasks

The printer queue is the list of pending printing jobs which didn’t get the chance to come out on paper. This might be a reason as to why the current task is getting hindered. To resolve this, open the Run and type services.msc as present in the previous method, open the spooler and right click on it, click on Properties, then Stop and then OK. Now launch the File Explorer and then type “%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS”. Now select all the files present in the Printer folder and delete them. Once done, go back to the Spooler and click on Start and then OK.

To conclude, the issue of an offline printer occurs majorly because of the external conditions. It is not something that you need to lose sleep about. So next time you find yourself asking “why is my canon printer offline?”, then take a moment to go through the printer error us blog in front of you, and in all likelihood it is going to resolve the issue that you’re stuck in.