Download the HP ENVY 4500 Driver for Seamless Printing

HP ENVY 4500 Driver

HP ENVY 4500 is an excellent printer that offers convenient printing. However, when it goes offline, your printing tasks stop unexpectedly. So, it is essential to explore how to fix this problem. One of the key components of this device is the HP ENVY 4500 driver. You must download the most precise version of this driver for your Windows and Mac operating systems.

Through this informative guide, you will find out about installing the correct driver for HP ENVY 4500. After that, we will lay out the main causes of an offline HP ENVY 4500 printer and techniques to troubleshoot it.

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Specifications of the HP ENVY 4500 Printer Driver 

The HP ENVY 4500 is an energy-star-rated device. You can find the HP ENVY 4500 driver for Windows 10 and Mac on the official HP website. Here are the specifications of this printer driver.

  • This printer model consumes a maximum power of 45 watts. On average, it consumes 50 watts of power.
  • The device has an input ranging from 100 to 250 volts. The driver’s output ranges from 50 to 60 Hz.
  • The TCP/IP is the network protocol of the driver.
  • It also has an embedded web server. It facilitates printer maintenance remotely.
  • The HP ENVY 4500 printer has an image editor and a software interface that is compliant with Twain.
  • The device has a 1200 X 2400 PPI resolution. It has a maximum resolution of 19200 PPI.
  • The printer employs digital image processing.
  • The printer’s speed for reduction is 25%, and for enlargement limits is nearly 400%.
  • It can perform two-sided printing.

Here are the names and sizes of HP ENVY 4500 printer drivers for Windows and Mac.

  • HP 4500 ENVY driver for Windows
  1. Full-featured drivers and software for Windows – 110.07 MB
  2. Basic driver for Windows XP, Vista, and 10 (32-bit) – 32.65 MB
  3. Basic driver for Windows XP, Vista, and 10 (64-bit_ – 34.33 MB
  4. e-Print software is for wireless and network-connected printers for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (32-bit) – 26.22 MB
  5. e-Print software is for wireless and network-connected printers for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (64-bit) – 31.19 MB
  6. HP ENVY 4500 driver for Mac Easy Start Printer Setup Software for Mac OS X (10.9 to 11) – 9.06 MB
  7. Full-featured driver and software for Mac OS X (10.6 and 10.7) – 124.51 MB

Why Is Your HP ENVY 4500 Printer Offline?

Before using the troubleshooting below, it is essential to understand the causes of the offline printer problem. Any of the following factors can make your HP ENVY 4500 printer offline.

  • Weak strength of your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Recent updates to your system are incompatible with the printer.
  • A problem with your Windows or Mac system.
  • Interruption by the firewall software.
  • A problem with your driver for HP ENVY 4500.
  • Your printer firmware is not updated.

Fix the Printer Offline Problem with the Correct 

Here are the different resolutions to use for troubleshooting the offline error on your HP ENVY printer.

Restart Your Computer

Restarting the Windows or Mac system should be your first move when your HP ENVY printer goes offline. Tap the ‘Windows’ button followed by the ‘Power’ button. Your system may prompt you to get an update.

If so, tap ‘Update and restart.’ If your computer is updated, you will see the ‘Restart’ option. Tap this option and your computer will restart. When it opens fully, give your printer a command.

Reset the Router

Resetting the router fixes the Wi-Fi connectivity issues. HP ENVY printer goes offline when the wireless connectivity is weak. Just press the ‘Reset’ button on the router, and it will reset itself.

After the router is reset, your computer will connect to the Wi-Fi. Test the connectivity by opening any website. If the web page opens, the printer will connect to the Wi-Fi. It will then not show the offline problem.

Fix the Incomplete Installation of the HP ENVY 4500 Printer Driver

If the driver installation is incomplete or faulty, your printer will not be responsive. So, go to the ‘Programs and features’ section in your Windows system. Choose your printer model and uninstall all the programs related to it. You must download the driver again to make your printer responsive.

Perform HP ENVY 4500 Driver Download

You must have the correct HP printer drivers to fix the offline issue and make your printer work properly. To install the software and drivers for HP ENVY 4500 series printers for different operating systems, follow these points.

Get HP ENVY 4500 Driver for Windows 10

Installing the driver for HP ENVY in Windows 10 system is very simple. Just use these stepwise instructions.

  • Navigate to
  • You will find the drivers for your operating system.
  • You’ll need to install the HP Smart app so that you can connect the printer and install the drivers.
  • Navigate to the HP Smart Microsoft Store to get the driver.
  • Prepare your printer for the setup process by turning on the Wi-Fi on your system.
  • Open the HP Smart app.
  • Tap ‘Add printer.’
  • Choose ‘Wi-Fi,’ ‘USB,’ or ‘Network.’
  • If your printer isn’t found, go to ‘Network Setup’ and choose ‘Restore network settings.’
  • Reopen HP Smart after two hours and re-add your printer.

Get HP ENVY 4500 Driver for Mac

The driver installation process for Mac systems is not very different from Windows.

  • Head to
  • It will tell you to get the HP Smart app.
  • Go to HP Smart – Mac App Store and install the HP Smart app.
  • Prepare your HP ENVY printer for the setup process.
  • Ensure to turn on the mobile device location service and permit the app to detect your printer.
  • Now, on the HP Smart app, tap ‘Add printer.’
  • Select a specific connection type.
  • After two hours, reopen your HP Smart app.
  • Now, re-add the printer.
  • Use the guided instructions to complete your printer setup.

Summing Up

The correct HP ENVY 4500 driver for your Windows and Mac systems will help you use your printer efficiently. Your printer will not turn offline, rendering you incapable of performing your tasks. Connect with a printer support expert if you face problems while installing your driver.

Download the HP ENVY 4500 Driver for Seamless Printing

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