Solving the Mystery of the Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson printer printing blank pages

Epson printers are well-known around the world for providing excellent printing results. Epson printers, despite being the best in the business, have a number of flaws. As a result, we’ll talk about the “Epson printer printing blank pages” error and what it means today. & how some of the most simple strategies can help us fix it.

If you own an Epson printer, you know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to print an important document, and all you get is a blank page. This problem can be caused by various issues, from empty ink cartridges to clogged print heads. Whatever the cause, it’s essential to troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible, so you can get back to printing without any further interruptions.

The Reasons for the Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Different people face this error because of various reasons. To help you pinpoint exactly what may be causing this problem, here are a few of the most common causes.

  • Empty ink cartridges
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Improper installation of the printer drivers.
  • Wrong size of the paper
  • Problems with software installed on the printer.
  • Problems with cartridge installation.

What to Check Before You Start Resolving the Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages Problem

It may be possible that you are finding your printer printing blank pages due to some minor issues. So, it’s wise to check for the following before you start implementing the troubleshooting procedures.

  • Ensure that your printing device is on a flat and firm surface.
  • See whether the yellow tape was taken away from the ink cartridge during the installation time.
  • You also need to check whether the layout settings, size of the paper and other printing settings are correct.
  • It would help if you replaced or substituted an old ink cartridge.
  • Use the paper that meets the specifications of the product.
  • Lastly, ensure that there isn’t any blank page in the documents you are printing.

Troubleshoot Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages Problem

By now, you must know the answer to why is my Epson printer printing blank pages. You can understand and follow different printer troubleshooting techniques and get rid of this issue.

1. Inspect the printer’s ink cartridges

The first thing you must do whenever your Epson printer starts printing blank pages is check the ink cartridges. There are three situations in doing so.

The first is when the ink level is low. In this case, replace the cartridge and resolve the problem. The second condition is when a single cartridge is out of ink. According to the Epson manual, you cannot print when a single ink cartridge is expended even if the others are not. When one of the cartridges is expended, substitute it with a new one. If you don’t do it, the printer will print blank pages.

The third situation is when you have substituted a cartridge, but you didn’t remove the protected tape. The new cartridges feature protective tape to prevent ink from leaking. It also protects the print nozzles. Here, be cautious with the extra transparent plastic. Don’t take it away. Otherwise, the cartridge will malfunction.

2. Clean the nozzles and the printer printhead.

Suppose you encounter your Epson printer printing blank pages even after refilling or changing the ink cartridges. In that case, you need to check for clogging in the printhead. You should command a ‘Print a nozzle check pattern’, but before it, ensure that there are no Epson printer error code being indicated by the LCD screen of your printer. Follow the steps below.

  • Hit your Epson printer’s ‘Home’ button and select the ‘Setup’ option.
  • Next, navigate to the option of ‘Maintenance.’
  • Choose the ‘Printhead Nozzle Check’ option. Your printing device will check it by printing a document. It will display the four shaded networks and communicate to you regarding the blocked nozzle.
  • If you view any blackout lines or holes, choose the ‘Clean the printhead’ option and then select the ‘Proceed’ option.
  • When your printer is in the process of a cleaning cycle, don’t shut it.

3. Update your printer driver

Another reason you might wonder why is my printer printing blank pages relates to a printer driver that’s not updated. An outdated printer driver version is a leading cause for users facing this problem. The solution for it is to update the Epson printer driver. To do it, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the official page of the Epson printer. Once there, look for the Epson printer model you use.
  • After that, tap on the specific model and get the drivers for it. Tap the ‘Download’ button.
  • After you download the printer driver, check if this issue is resolved.

Your Epson printer software for Windows checks for the driver updates automatically. But you can also modify or configure how frequently the Epson printer software should check for updates. Follow these steps for it.

  • Right-click the icon of your Epson printer in the Windows taskbar.
  • Next, choose ‘Auto Update Settings.’ You will notice the window of ‘Epson Driver Update Settings.’
  • Now, if you want to change the frequency with which the software checks for updates, choose the setting in the ‘Check every’ menu. If you desire to disable the automatic update functionality, choose the ‘Never’ option.
  • Hit ‘Apply’ and then click ‘OK.’
  • Note that if you have selected to disable the automatic update feature, it’s wise to check for printer driver updates regularly.

4. Update your printer firmware.

Often, an obsolete firmware version may cause your Epson printer print blank pages.’ Your printer will start to operate efficiently when you update its firmware with the current version. If you have a Windows 10 system, you can update the firmware by tapping on the ‘Start’ menu and navigating to the option of ‘Epson Software Updater.’ But if you do not have the utility of Epson Software Updater on your windows system, you can follow these steps.

  • Down the utility from the Support page of Epson website by selecting your printer’s model from the list of available printer models.
  • Next, tap on the checkbox button for selecting your system updater.
  • Tap the option of ‘Install.’
  • Adhere to the guidelines on your system screen for updating the firmware.
  • After it completes, tap the ‘Finish’ button.

5. Make modifications to printing preference.

Another expert resolution for the Epson printer printing blank pages problem is to make changes to the printing preferences. You should enter the printing preferences and check that you have selected the option of ‘Skip Blank Page.’ Below are the steps to change printing preferences on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Windows Vista

  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel.’
  • From there, tap ‘Printer.’ It is present under the option of ‘Hardware and Sound.’
  • Next, navigate to ‘Printing Preferences.’ Do it by right-clicking on your specific printer model.
  • Now click ‘Maintenance’ and enter ‘Extended Settings.’
  • See that you have selected ‘Skip Blank Page.’
  • Choose ‘OK.’

Windows 7

  • Go to ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • Right-click on your Epson printer and choose ‘Printing Preferences.’
  • Next, tap on the option of ‘Maintenance’ and then navigate to ‘Extended Settings.’
  • Find ‘Skip Blank Page’ and choose it.
  • Lastly, hit ‘OK.’

Windows 8

  • Windows 8 users should tap on ‘Control Panel’ from the ‘Apps’ screen.
  • Choose ‘Hardware and Sound.’
  • Next select ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • Right-click on your Epson printer and choose ‘Printing Preferences.’
  • Navigate to ‘Maintenance.’
  • Select the ‘Extended Settings’ option.
  • Choose the option of ‘Skip Blank Page.’
  • Lastly, tap ‘OK.’

Windows 10

  • Windows 10 users should navigate to ‘Settings for changing the printing preferences.’
  • After that, select ‘Devices.’
  • Next, select ‘Printers & Scanners’ and choose your specific Epson printer model.
  • After that, tap ‘Manage’ and then open ‘Printing Preferences.’
  • Choose ‘Maintenance’ and click the option of ‘Extended Settings.’
  • Next, choose ‘Skip Blank Page’ and then hit ‘OK.’

6. Install the Reimage tool

Many printer problems are associated with corrupted system files. Reimage is a great tool that repairs and rebuilds Windows. The tool is tailored to your particular system and works in an automatic and private way. You don’t need to be bothered of any loss to your personal data or programs. It will also not harm your computer in any way. You can use it by adhering to these steps.

  • Download Reimage and then install it on your system.
  • Launch the tool and execute a free scan. This scan will last for a few minutes.
  • You will view the summary of all the problems detected on your system. Tap ‘START REPAIR’ to get all the problems fixed automatically. Note that you’ll need to buy its full version.

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Printing blank pages from your Epson printer can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. By following the troubleshooting steps in this guide, you’ll be able to identify and fix the issue quickly. Remember to check your ink cartridges and print heads, adjust your print settings, and update your printer drivers. If all else fails, contact printer error us support for further assistance. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get your Epson printer back up and running in no time.

Solving the Mystery of the Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

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