How to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi Easy follow Guide

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

Epson printers are known for their reliability and excellent print quality, and connecting them to your WiFi network allows you to print from any device without the hassle of cables. If you’re looking to make your printing experience smoother and more efficient, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of connecting your Epson printer to WiFi, ensuring you never miss a beat in your work or personal projects.

Modern printers such as Epson make printing effortless because of their ability to print wirelessly. But due to the wide variety of such printer designs, it can be difficult to understand how to connect your specific Epson model to the Wi-Fi.

Thankfully, we’ve gathered a range of techniques for hooking up your Epson printer to Wi-Fi.

How Connect Epson Printer to WiFi ?

Unlike Wi-Fi direct, connecting your printer to a Wi-Fi network links it to the internet. Then, you’ll be able to use Epson’s mobile app or desktop software to access the printer remotely.

Epson has several printer models available for its customers. In terms of their Wi-Fi connection method, these versions can roughly be divided into two categories.

  • Printers with a display panel
  • Printers without the display panel

The methods to connect to these printers are mentioned below.

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Printers With a Display Panel

Again, there are two types of Epson Printers that feature display panels. A portion of these printers do not have a touchscreen function. For such printers, you can use the navigation button to customize their settings.

Other Epson printers have a display panel with a touchscreen function. You can use their screen to set up your Wi-Fi connection. You need to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi using the Wi-Fi password for both of these printer types.

Using the Navigation Buttons

Epson’s L550, L5190, L555, and other similar models, do not have a touchscreen function. So, you can use the display panel and available buttons to navigate the settings.

If your printer has a similar build model, follow the steps below to connect them to the Wi-Fi. You can use the Ok and arrow buttons to navigate to different functions.

  1. Switch on the printer.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Network Settings > Wi-Fi setup > Wi-Fi (Recommended).

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

  1. Then, click Ok to proceed.
  2. Then, Select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

  1. our printer will scan for all available networks. Choose your network and click OK. Press the Scan Again button if you don’t find the Wi-Fi SSID.
  2. Then, enter the password using the arrow and OK buttons.

After you press enter, your printer will connect to the Wi-Fi in a few seconds. You can check the connection status from the Wi-Fi icon on the top right corner of the display panel.

Using the Touchscreen Function

Epson’s EcoTank L14150, L15180, ET-5170, and other similar models have the touch screen function. However, they do have buttons on the printer. But, you can connect to the Wi-Fi with just the use of the display panel.

If your printer has a similar build model, follow the steps below to connect them to the Wi-Fi.

  1. Press the power button.
  2. Click the Wi-Fi icon on top of the display screen.
  3. You’ll see Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct options. Choose the Wi-Fi (recommended) option.

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

Then, Click Start Setup > Wi-Fi setup Wizard 

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

  1. Search and select your Wi-Fi network.
  2.  Press Start setup and type in the password.
  3. Then, press Ok and Start Setup.

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

Printers With No Display Panel

Epson’s EcoTank L3216, L3150, L1256, and other similar models don’t have a display panel. So, unlike the printers mentioned earlier, these printer models cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network with a Wi-Fi key.

We need to use the Auto Wireless connect mode for such models of Epson printers. If you have a printer with a similar build model, follow the steps mentioned below.

Using the Auto Wireless Connect Mode

For these printers, entering Wi-Fi passwords is not possible. In order to establish a connection, your printer must send a connection request. So, we use the WPS button to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi through auto wireless connect mode.

To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the indicators flash alternately.

2. Press and hold the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router for more than fifteen seconds.

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

3. Now, wait until the connection is made.

Step 1 starts the connection request from the printer’s end. The indicator light on the printer will stop flashing when the connection request reaches its final stage after step 3.

The Wi-Fi indicator lights up and stays on when the printer connects to the Wi-Fi. At the same time, the Wi-Fi direct indicator light turns off.

How Do I Change the Connect Epson Printer to WiFi on Network ?

You need to reset the network settings if you want to change your printer’s Wi-Fi network. If you’re using the printer for the first time, you can skip the steps mentioned below:

For a printer without a display, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the printer off and on.
  2. Press the power and network status buttons together until the indicators Epson Printers Light Blinking up alternately.

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

The printer will start to reset the Wi-Fi settings. Wait for one minute for it to reset. When the alternating indicators stop lighting up, the reset is complete. Then, follow the steps mentioned above to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi .

For a Printer with a display, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Wi-Fi (recommended) and click on it.
  2. Click Change Settings > Others > Disable Wi-Fi > Start Setup

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi

This method works for most Epson Printers. However, some printers do not have the exact location for the Disable Wi-Fi button. If so, navigate to the Wi-Fi setup wizard and search for the Disable button. Then, follow the method mentioned earlier to connect to a network of your choice.

Troubleshooting Common Connect Epson Printer to WiFi Issues

Encountering issues during the setup process is not uncommon. Here are some printer troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart Devices: Restart your printer, computer, and router to resolve minor connectivity problems.
  • Check WiFi Signal Strength: Ensure your printer is within range of your WiFi router for a stable connection.
  • Update Printer Firmware: Keeping your printer firmware updated can resolve compatibility issues.

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Connect Epson Printer to WiFi opens up a world of convenience and productivity. With this simple setup, you can print from any device within the network, eliminating the need for tangled cables and multiple connections. Just follow the step-by-step guide provided, and you’ll be enjoying seamless wireless printing in no time!


Q1. How do I know if my epson printer is offline supports WiFi?

A: To check if your Epson printer supports WiFi, refer to the printer’s user manual or visit Epson’s official website for specifications.

Q2.Can I connect my printer to multiple WiFi networks?

A: Yes, once your printer is set up on a WiFi network, you can connect it to other WiFi networks by repeating the setup process.

Q3. Can I print from my smartphone after connecting to WiFi?

A: Absolutely! Once your Epson printer is connected to WiFi, you can print directly from your smartphone using Epson’s mobile printing apps.

How to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi Easy follow Guide

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